Ceramic Skateboard Bearings - the Best in Its Line

Deck, trucks, wheels and bearings are the most important parts of a skateboard. The functionality and durability of the skateboard mainly relies on the quality of these parts. Their compatibility and inter-functionality are also very important. Skateboard bearings are small, usually metallic rings that fit on the inside of the skateboard wheels. They are used to mount the wheels on the axle, which is a part of skateboard truck. Quality bearings are what you need to try out certain tricks. Ceramic skateboard bearings are considered to be the best skateboard bearings available.

Unlike the polished steel balls found within the regular metallic bearing, ceramic skateboard bearings have ceramic balls inside them. The ceramic balls are comparatively much lighter than the steel balls. They are even stronger than the steel ones. The best part of it is that these ceramic balls roll with lesser friction. This makes the wheels roll much faster and so you could ride at much higher speeds. Also, the ceramic skateboard bearings being stronger do not require as many replacements and as often as you would require replacing the regular steel bearings. Another advantage of these is that they are quite easy to clean as such you will not have to bother about the maintenance part of the skateboard. But, all this comes for a good price. Yes, you will have to spend a good sum of money if you wish to own them. This is perhaps the only drawback of the ceramic skateboard bearings. Otherwise, these are the ones that every extreme skateboarder would desire.

Ceramic skateboard bearings may be made by several brands but Bones Swiss Ceramics is the name you should be looking out for. These are in fact the strongest, smoothest and fastest bearings available these days. There durability is another factor that would convince you to go in for this brand. The balls in these bearings are made up of 100 percent high purity silicon nitride. They have a removable non-contact frictionless rubber shield with a high-speed nylon cage for the balls, which is also removable. This provides the fastest speed possible at higher acceleration. They even have the longest roll owing to the minimum level of friction. Bones Swiss Ceramics have the lightest weight and are manufactured based on the Bones skate rated design and quality. For higher durability lubrication with low viscosity Bones speed cream is recommended.

You may find several bearings rated with ABEC numbers usually ranging in odd numbers from 1-9. These rating are not needed since the ratings are meant for machines and not for skateboard bearings. In fact, you would realize that some brands do not rate their skateboard bearings at all. The only thing that you need to remember when buying these ceramic skateboard bearings is that the higher the quality the more expensive it is. Therefore, if you want to make a great skateboard, then opt for the best quality skateboard bearings which can be availed online.


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