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The Safest Helmet Types and Brands

Skateboarders need to always think about safety and to remember that skateboarding can be a dangerous sport. A properly fitting helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for a skateboarder. Not just any helmet, like a bike helmet, will do - it has to be a helmet specifically for skateboarding that protects your entire head including the back. Skateboarders are more likely to fall and injure the back of their heads than any other part of the head. Look closely at the safety information for any helmet you are considering. Only certified helmets will do - they are the safest and offer the most protection. You don't want to get any other kind, even if it claims to be just as good as a certified helmet and is less expensive because they will not offer the same protection. The two main types of helmets are single impact and multiple impact. Single impact helmets are meant to protect you from one fall and will work for you if you are just starting out and aren't doing the more complicated tricks yet...


Where Are the Best Skate Parks Located?

People do all sorts of things for entertainment and that includes traveling to find the best skate parks in the world. There are people that live for that challenge and they will go to many different locations to try them out. You may think you have a fabulous skating park in your area but how does it compare with many of these others? This will give you a look at some of the top ranked skate parks and why they are in that category. With many locations the goal isn't just to have a skate park but to create one that out does what is around it. Many of the builders involved with the process want to bring in a great design that people will take notice of. The desire for larger skate parks is common too and the builders are responding well to that. Many of them built in the last five years are twice the size of those previously in place. As a side note, take your own time to find out where great skate parks are located. If you travel often for work or for fun, take that skateboard with you. Then you can explor...


Proper Storage of a Skateboard For Winter

Winter can be very cold and bring lots of moisture - so skateboarding may be out of the question for you during this particular part of the year. It is a good idea to learn about properly storing it. That way when warmer temperatures roll around you will be able to take it out and enjoy it once again. This process will also help ensure that your skateboard is in excellent condition when you are ready to ride it again. Before you store your skateboard for the winter, take the time to carefully look it over. If you need to repair it or replace any parts this would be a great time to do so. When warmer temperatures do come along you will be able to grab your skateboard out of storage and enjoy it. If you don't properly maintain it first, then you will have to do all of that when you are itching to get on it. In reality, a skateboard doesn't take up that much room. Therefore you can easily find a great storage place for it rather than allowing it to be exposed to the elements. Even placing it under your bed or ...


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